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the official Koda Kumi community

KUMI★KODA; japanese songstress
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[ w e l c o m e ]

Welcome to the official Koda Kumi livejournal community. Owned and operated by message since 31 January 2004. This community was created in the hopes of uniting English-speaking Ku fans across the globe. This community has grown for the 5 members in 2004 to over 300 members in just two years.

[ w h o ? ]

Stage Name: Koda Kumi / 倖田 來未

Real Name: Koda Kumiko / 神田 來未子

Birthdate: 13 November, 1982 (Showa 57)

Blood Type: A

Hometown: Kyoto

Hobbies: Shopping, Goods.

Favorite Sport: Squash

Favorite Type of Music: Hip Hop

Favorite Dish to Cook: Niku Jaga (Beef and Potatoes)

Favorite Saying: Ikkai ichi e (Once in a lifetime chance)

Favorite Colors: Purple and green

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite DVD: Haneru no tobira

Favorite Brands: D&G and H・A・K

Favorite Food: Okonomiyaki, 100% Fruit Juice, Perrier

Favorite Japanese Artists: Toshinori Yonekura, Sukima Switch

Favorite Western Artists: Christina Aguilera, Nelly, Pink, Pharrell Williams

Something She Can't Be Without: Love

Favorite Part of Her Own Body: The "kori kori" of her waist.

Something Often Unexpected: 'No smoking & no alcohol'

Something Unacceptable: Lies and deception

Special Ability: To be able to talk until her voice goes hoarse.

[ d i s c o g r a p h y ]

SINGLE #001: TAKE BACKSINGLE #002: Trust Your LoveSINGLE #003: COLOR OF SOULSINGLE #004: So Into YouSINGLE #005: love across the ocean
SINGLE #006: m・a・z・eSINGLE #007: real Emotion/1000 no KotobaSINGLE #008: COME WITH MESINGLE #009: Gentle WordsSINGLE #010: Crazy 4U
SINGLE #011: LOVE&HONEYSINGLE #012: ChaseSINGLE #013: kisekiSINGLE #014: Hot Stuff feat. KM-MARKITSINGLE #015: hands
SINGLE #016: ButterflySINGLE #017: flowerSINGLE #018: Promise/StarSINGLE #019: youSINGLE #020: Birthday eve
SINGLE #021: D.D.D. feat. SOULHEADSINGLE #022: Shake It UpSINGLE #023: LiesSINGLE #024: feelSINGLE #025: Candy feat. Mr. Blistah
SINGLE #026: No RegretSINGLE #027: Ima Sugu HoshiiSINGLE #028: KAMEN feat. Tatsuya IshiiSINGLE #029: WINDSINGLE #030: Someday/Boys♥Girls
SINGLE #031: koi no tsubomiSINGLE #032: 4 hot waveSINGLE #033: Yumi no Uta/Futari de...SINGLE #034: Cherry Girl/Unmei

ALBUM #001: affectionALBUM #002: grow into oneALBUM #003: feel my mindALBUM #004: secretALBUM #005: secret~special edition for live~
ALBUM #006: BEST~first things~ALBUM #007: BEST~second session~ALBUM #008: Black Cherry

DVD #001: 7SPIRITSDVD #002: feel...DVD #003: girls~selfish~DVD #004: secret -FIRST CLASS LIMITED LIVE-

[ r u l e s ]

01. Treat every member with respect, or you will be banned.

02. Lock entries with downloads.

03. Comment if you download. Leechers suck!

04. ABSOLUTLY NO PROMOTING OF ANY OTHER COMMUNITIES, unless approved by a maintainer or mod

05. Discussion of Kumi only. There are other communities for other artists.

06. TAG your entry with the appropriate tags.

07. Introductions are nice. But it's not required if you join the community.

More will be added as needed....

[ p r o m o t e ]

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